In this issue of the Misesian we celebrate seventy-five years of Human Action. As you will see in the next pages, many of our top scholars examine the legacy of Human Action and find it continues to inspire new generations of economists, scholars, and students.

Academic elites claim that there is no objective truth, only social constructs. Thus, people can create their own reality in many areas, and everyone else is expected to accept whatever “reality” is presented—or face serious consequences.

Jeffrey Miron Bump stocks are devices that enable semi‐​automatic weapons to fire faster—although still slower than—fully automatic weapons. Bump stocks became the target of legal and public scrutiny after a gunman used them in the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, after which then‐​President Donald Trump called for

Colleen Hroncich Like many education entrepreneurs, Hannah Holguin had a two‐​pronged motivation for creating her microschool, Masterpiece Academy. A public school teacher for nine years, she was realizing that the system wasn’t serving all students as well as it could. At the same time, her child was becoming