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Chris Edwards, Marc Joffe, and Krit Chanwong Without reforms, exploding federal debt will generate a major economic crisis. Technically, the solution to the problem is simple (cut spending), but there is no consensus on

Colleen Hroncich Carol Topp was ahead of her time. She started homeschooling around the same time as she became a certified public accountant. “I passed the CPA exam and thought, now what?” she recalls.

Walter Olson On July 10, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Videtta A. Brown dismissed a lawsuit by the City of Baltimore seeking damages from 25 oil companies over climate change. The ruling is the

Krit Chanwong In Federalist Paper No. 7, Alexander Hamilton warns that commercial policy could be a source of contention and even violence among states. This warning was farsighted: Although interstate violence has been rare,

Chris Edwards The Secret Service has failed at its core mission in a stunning manner. Investigations into the assassination attempt on former President Trump are just beginning, but we’re already hearing some really lame