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Dean Baker Debates Bob Murphy on Recession Outlook

On a recent installment of the Pynx debate series, Bob had a friendly debate with Dean Baker on a soft or hard landing in 2024. In this episode of the Human Action Podcast, Bob comments on the key disputes, underlying the differences between the Austrian and Keynesian frameworks.

Bob’s Debate with Dean Baker: Mises.org/HAP427a
Bob’s Paper on the Inverted Yield Curve: Mises.org/HAP427b
Join Tom DiLorenzo, Joe Salerno, and Patrick Newman in Tampa on February 17: Mises.org/Tampa2024
Use code “Action24” for 15% off admission.

Human Action Podcast listeners can get a free copy of Murray Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State: Mises.org/HAPodFree

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